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The Kentucky-Indiana Personal Computer Users Group, known as KIPCUG, from its beginning in the spring of 1981, has grown into a dynamic non-profit corporation,focused on educating and encouraging newcomers to computing as well as sharing technical information.

KIPCUG has a General Meeting once a month covering general interest topics such as Windows 8, Computer Back-up Recommendations, Tax Software, New Software or Hardware.

We also have small Special Interest Groups or "SIGS" that cover specific topics. Intermediate Users, Genealogy, Excel, or Hardware SIGs are a few of the small groups.

KIPCUG Presents Free Presentation:

July Meeting

RoundTable Discussions on Apple/Android

 This month we will be having roundtable discussions on Apple/Android devices             (desktop/laptop/tablets).

Come join us at one of the tables that will have either an Apple discussion or an Android discussion. 

Bring your questions/issues/opinions and thoughts and you will get answers or give answers to others.





Raffle: Someone will take home the prize - Tickets $1/ea


Membership Drawing: Will You Be There? The names of all paid memberships go in the drawing - you have to be present at the time of the drawing to win! A shameless method to coax you to pay your dues and show up for the meet



Meeting Schedule:
6:15 PM:  Doors Open
6:30 PM:  Networking, Raffle, SIG Information Table Open
7:00 PM:  General Announcements
7:05 PM:  RoundTable Discussions: Apple/Android

7:55 PM:  Users Helping Users Q&A

8:05 PM:  Computer News   Jim Travelstead

8:20 PM:  Special Interest Group Presentation
8:40 PM:  Drawings and Door Prizes
9:00 PM:  Networking
9:30 PM:  Turn off Coffee Pots



 Registration Link

Please register by Monday Noon and we will have your name tag pre-printed. (Register using meeting event link on calendar or Upcoming Events box on the home page.)

June Meeting Registration Drawing:

Jim Travelstead won the flashlight


Raffle: Someone will take home the prize - Tickets $1/ea
June:   Tony Krainski won the Aver Media Hybrid Volar Max-TV Tuner Kit            
Membership Drawing:  Each month we draw a KIPCUG Member's name from our membership roster.  If the winning member is "in the house" they win a "jar full of money."   (Actually we write them a check!). The Rules are simple. Remember, you must be present to win, and you must have your dues paid.  Each month we draw a member's name.  If they are not present, the pool increases by $10 until it reaches a maximum of $300.

June Drawing amount:  $70.00
     Member name drawn: Annetta Doss

Member was not present

            July Member Drawing amount:  $80.00  

Door Prizes:  Registered Members will receive a ticket for our door prize drawing.
Door prize tickets will not be given out after 7:00 pm   

June Door Prize - 

Allan Ware won the EZ Eyes Keyboard

Linda Horvat won the 12ft. extension cord

Bumper Stickers:  Pickup bumper sticker at our General Meetings.
 Bumper Stickers are Removable.



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Upcoming events

26 Jul 2014 3:00 PM • Eline Library
28 Jul 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Room 252
04 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Meeting Room 251
04 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • Eline Library
11 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Computer Lab
14 Aug 2014 3:00 PM • Jeffersontown Library

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