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The Kentucky-Indiana Personal Computer Users Group, known as KIPCUG, from its beginning in the spring of 1981, has grown into a dynamic non-profit corporation,focused on educating and encouraging newcomers to computing as well as sharing technical information.

KIPCUG has a General Meeting once a month covering general interest topics such as Windows 8, Computer Back-up Recommendations, Tax Software, New Software or Hardware.

We also have small Special Interest Groups or "SIGS" that cover specific topics. Intermediate Users, Genealogy, Excel, or Hardware SIGs are a few of the small groups.

KIPCUG Presents Free Presentation:

August Meeting

RoundTable Discussions on Apple/Android


   The July KIPCUG Meeting seemed to be very successful, so for the August Meeting will pick up where July ended.  Apple's iPhone and iPad and the Android Smart Phones and pads, their Operating System and Apps available for both will be discussed and looked at for our use and benefit.  And where to get the best at little cost.

   This style of meeting is designed to bring our membership into a closer to the use and benefits of our toys, Computers and now Phones.  Just think the phone you have in your pocket has far more power than that old IBM 8080 or 8085.

   Don't miss attending one of this style meeting and let us know if we need to do more of them and subjects you would like to have in the future.





Raffle: Someone will take home the prize - Tickets $1/ea


Membership Drawing: Will You Be There? The names of all paid memberships go in the drawing - you have to be present at the time of the drawing to win! A shameless method to coax you to pay your dues and show up for the meet



Meeting Schedule:
6:15 PM:  Doors Open
6:30 PM:  Networking, Raffle, SIG Information Table Open
7:00 PM:  General Announcements
7:05 PM:  RoundTable Discussions: Apple/Android

7:55 PM:  Users Helping Users Q&A

8:05 PM:  Computer News   Jim Travelstead

8:20 PM:  Special Interest Group Presentation
8:40 PM:  Drawings and Door Prizes
9:00 PM:  Networking
9:30 PM:  Turn off Coffee Pots



 Registration Link

Please register by Monday Noon and we will have your name tag pre-printed. (Register using meeting event link on calendar or Upcoming Events box on the home page.)

July Meeting Registration Drawing:

Marjorie Fair won the flashlight


Raffle: Someone will take home the prize - Tickets $1/ea
  July:   Bob Johnson won a 32 GB jump drive        
Membership Drawing:  Each month we draw a KIPCUG Member's name from our membership roster.  If the winning member is "in the house" they win a "jar full of money."   (Actually we write them a check!). The Rules are simple. Remember, you must be present to win, and you must have your dues paid.  Each month we draw a member's name.  If they are not present, the pool increases by $10 until it reaches a maximum of $300.

July Drawing amount:  $10.00
     Member name drawn: Ray Williams

Ray Williams won

            August Member Drawing amount:  $80.00  


Door Prizes:  Registered Members will receive a ticket for our door prize drawing.
Door prize tickets will not be given out after 7:00 pm   

July Door Prize - 

David McDonald won an 8 GB jump drive

Bumper Stickers:  Pickup bumper sticker at our General Meetings.
 Bumper Stickers are Removable.



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Upcoming events

28 Jul 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Room 252
04 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Meeting Room 251
04 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • Eline Library
05 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Assembly Hall, 4614 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY
11 Aug 2014 6:30 PM • CCUM Computer Lab
14 Aug 2014 3:00 PM • Jeffersontown Library

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